The Mission

“The Mission” is an application that supports a little new experience!

[How To Play]
The first sign of Evernote account.

Next, select the mission (Choose your own missions usually do it.).

Let really try to missions! When you finish a mission, you post your feedback.

After doing one mission, Let think you post a new mission. As you did, you might give think to your mission to challenge someone somewhere.

In addition, the history of missions is recorded in Evernote. Of course, the history of this mission can be seen from the application.

Small bits of everyone to try and experience a little happy together!

** Application Concept **
 – Just something to try.
 – And a new experience.
 – Continue to enjoy the challenge.
 – Build up the experience a little success.
 – Overcome the difficulties a little luck with all. (Reconstruction of the Tohoku, Japan.)

By using this app, I hope everyone can get is positive (Even a little bit).

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▼Android Market for Web