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投稿日:2012年7月1日 更新日:

It introduces a new app !! Its name 


– Evernote Devcup – MoguNote –
To Google Play.

 This app reminds me instead of you, that you are forgotten. The balloon of the widget to display “part of your memory” that clip to Evernote.

 This app can be used easily. Set on the Home screen MoguNote widget, next just enter the Evernote account.

 You can view the detailed contents of the linkage to the Evernote app when you tap the balloon.

 MoguNote is equipped with a function for learn your preferences.  Its function is to work when you tap the balloon.  MoguNote will remember precious memories you have forgotten your behalf.
 MoguNote aims of your “second brain”.

 Thank you.

-Android(アンドロイド), App(アプリ), Programming(プログラミング)



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